Gödel, Incomplete

Gödel, Incomplete

Here's a short movie by Martha Goddard. It features the logician Gödel... one of the most important mathematicians of the 20th century. The title: "Gödel, incomplete." Gödel's most famous results were his "incompleteness" theorems. These theorems demonstrated limits of formal systems. At the same time, Gödel himself, as a person, is incomplete, and defined not only by what he is, but by what he is not... by his empty spaces, his desires. Which include love.

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Fifteen minute short

Some quotes I especially liked.

"Like most great discoveries, the first time was an accident."

"The universe is infinite, but the human mind is not. How can the part hope to understand the whole?"

This is the essence of a question which the study of logic and language seeks to answer. 

Gödel: "You think the world is there to prove." 
Serita: "Yes, as do you" 
Gödel: "I believe if no one is there to see the stars, they still exist"

Gödel explored the limits of proof. A key to understanding the nature of proof and of logic, is the assumption of a reality which exists outside our systems of assertion.

"How do we stay in the moment, when we know it will pass?"

The mystery of love and relationship.

"Explain it again, but better."

Great things can result from iteratively explaining a phenomenon, over and over again, working to take intuitive ideas and make them clearer, for ourselves and for others. We need the courage to transform our intuitions into explanations and then into action.
I liked the shift from his judgment of what her theory needed, to his encouragement for her to look for the missing elements.

"If love is a collision between time and space, can the time exist beyond the moment, can the space not exist forever?"

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